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We maximize the effectiveness and relevance of your translations by placing strong focus on the intent of your message and profile of your target audience.  

We save you time by owning the entire end-to-end process, including translation, proofreading, formatting and presentation of the final documents, delivering you a true finished product. 


Melingo is a  language services company founded in 2017, specializing in translation and localization services for SMEs and Fortune 500 companies. With translation teams made up of native language speakers and industry experts, we pride ourselves in providing our clients with consistent, high-quality output while maintaining relevance and context according to your business.

We take proactive measures to learn about your business and will work with you to build effective terminology banks related to your company's products, services, culture, and voice. Unlike other translation shops out there, Melingo will also provide you with a US-based project manager to coordinate your project from beginning to end, which means you  will never have to communicate with bots or an outsourced customer service team.  

About Us

"Ultimately, the true value of any translation depends on the translator's ability to capture the tone, nuances, and overall intent expressed in the source language." 



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